2 Simple Ways To Choose The Right Cycling Computer
2 Simple Ways To Choose The Right Cycling Computer

Today, there are many cycling electronics on the market therein cycling computer can be considered as the indispensable cycling electronics if you want to improve your cycling performance. With a cycling computer, you will be able to record all the data that you need to measure your performance while cycling.

Cycling computer comes with a variety of model with the difference about feature, quality, design as well as price therefore if you are inexperienced, you will be able to choose the wrong cycling computer. In this guide are some considerations and we hoped that they will help you choose the right cycling computer easier.

Operational Principle

Cycling computer is a cycling electronic with main feature to record all data of user while cycling. It can be used to measure speed (current, average or maximum), distance, cadence, time and more depending on each specific cycling computer. There are many kinds of cycling computer on the market therein the simplest cycling computer is the computer without GPS capability.

This cycling computer will be designed with a magnet that is attached into spokes of bike and a sensor that is attached into the front of fork. Each time the magnet passes the sensor, it will send a signal into cycling computer that is attached into your handlebar and computer will process this data after that providing information for user. It will use circumference of the wheel to calculate your speed and distance.

Speed will be calculated by time that you make wheel rotate a full circle while distance will be calculated by multiplying circumference of wheel with number of rotations. With a cycling computer with GPS capability, it will calculate speed and distance while cycling by using GPS instead of using sensor.

Features Of Cycling Computer

Feature of each cycling computer is not the same. The traditional cycling computer will be designed with feature to provide the most basic information for user including speed, time, distance and no more therein the modern cycling computer will be able to provide more information for user such as heart rate, cadence and other information as well as ability to store data of user, ability to allow users transferring or uploading data into other devices that you can not do with the traditional cycling computer. With this feature, you can transfer data into your computer to create a training plan, sharing for friend or track your progress. In addition, some cycling computers are also designed with feature to connect with smart phone of user by cable or Bluetooth.

You can also choose cycling computer with GPS capability. They will calculate speed and distance by using GPS with high accuracy in addition; some products also provide the routable maps to help users know about their current position to determine the remaining distance, the remaining time to finish trip as well as help users avoid getting lost again.

A wireless cycling computer will be suitable choice to create flexibility and convenience in using process however it is more expensive than a wired cycling computer therefore you should consider carefully to balance between convenience and your budget.

In addition, you also should care about screen of cycling computer. As you know, cycling computer is usually attached into your handlebar therefore a screen with suitable size to easy to read will be the best choice. You should not choose a bike computer with screen that is too small or too large because if it is too small then you will be hard to read while cycling and if it is too large then it can cause inconvenience.