In the market, there are a lot of longboard model and it just need a small change in the design can cause unconvenient problems for the rider during the riding time, especially the beginner. Choosing the longboards for beginners is not an easy task at all because there are a lot iof feature of the longboard that we need time to completely understand and experiences to know what we need. In this post, I want to share with you some important information about the main features of the longboard that you should pay more attention about in the choosing process in order to make sure that you can choose the suitable one for your riding style and help you to train more effective.

  1. Ability level of the board.

This is the factor which directly relate to your ability of riding and controling the board in order to choose the suitable one. The board is constructured from different part and each of them one way or the other can affect to your riding experiences. Some features such as the shape, style, and setups of the longboard are the features which be designed for each level of riding the board in different level. Your ability and riding style affect to the mounting types and flaxibility features of the board. Therefore, you need to pay attention on each single feature to make sure that you can choose the suit one.

  1. Riding styles

As I mentioned above, your riding style is the factor directly affect to your board’s characteristics. There are 4 main types of style for the riders of longboard, and I will introduce you some of the main points about each of them below:

Cruising/ carving style: This type of riding need a gradually slopped street to perform the rider’s skills and poses. The special poses of this styles are ripping through the quads and pushing on the flat ground or on the lightly slopped streets. This is the most popular and easier to practice type of riding longboard especially for the beginners.

Downhill: As its name, this kind of riding is going down the hill and therefore it means that the speed of the board is very high. So downhill is not a good choice as the first lession for the beginners. You need to practice a lot before getting into downhil practicing and the design of the downhill style board is different from other types of longboard because the requirements of this board is more about stability and reduce wind resistance.

Freeride: This type of riding longboard is close to the downhill style and as the same, it requires skil and experiences of the riders to control the board and ensure their safety.

Freestyle: and the last style of riding the longboard is freestyle and there is no requirement or rules about this type of riding. You can do what ver you want to do with your board depend on the location and terrain of your riding area. This style riding is the best choice for the beginner to start to learn how to control the board and about the most basic skill of longboard riding and controling. However, because of the diversity of the terrain and differenes among each area, many experts love this style of riding to develop their flexible and create many special poses.

  1. The board shape

In the market, you can find it really easy for different shape of the longboard. It is not just about the fashion but also about the riding style. However, in general, there are 2 main types of the longboard shape which is suitable for both beginners and the experts.

Directional: for the shape of this board, the disign in 2 side is different and you only can use it for riding in one direction. The Pin tail is the most famous design of the directional board and is one of the most popular design for the carver, dowhill, and freestyle board.

Twin (Symmetrical): This type of longboard has the same design in both direction. And due to it design, the riders can use the board with 2 directions and do not classify which is the main one. With this board, you can go back right away without turning around as you have to do with the directional board.