How To Choose The Best Cycling Electronics
How To Choose The Best Cycling Electronics

Today, bike computer can be considered as the most popular cycling electronics on the market. There are hundreds of model of bike computer with the difference about brand, quality, feature, design as well as price to meet all requirements of user from simple to complicated but sometimes too many choices can also make customer confused and choosing wrong bike computer especially if you are inexperienced in this field.

In order to solve this problem, in this guide are some simple tips to help you choose the best bike computer.

Communication Protocol

There are many factors that you need to care when choosing a bike computer therein communication protocol needs to be a top concern. A bike computer with the ANT+ communication protocol will have many advantages compared with bike computer without ANT+. As you know, main purpose of a bike computer is to record data from cycling trips of user to help user track information about speed, time and distance.

With a bike computer with the ANT+ communication protocol, you will be able to save data and transfer data into a computer or uploading a website to analyze or compared with other people while with a bike computer without ANT+ communication protocol, you can not do that. A computer without ANT+ communication protocol does not have feature to save data as well as allow user transferring data into other devices.

In addition, information of a bike computer without ANT+ is just speed, time and distance while with a bike computer with the ANT+ communication protocol, you will be able to gain more information about heart rate, cadence sensor or power but of course more information also means higher price therefore you should make decision based on your demand with information and budget.

GPS is also an important factor that you need to consider. A bike computer can be designed with GPS or not depending on each manufacturer. Some bike computers are designed with only GPS without ANT+. This bike computer will record data about speed and distance by using GPS; information of it is limited therefore price of it is cheap compared with bike computer with GPS and ANT+.

With the bike computers with both GPS and ANT+, they not only can receive data from ANT+ sensors including speed, power, heart rate and so on but also has feature to track your location by using GPS. A bike computer with Bluetooth enabled is also a favorite choice of many people.

With this bike computer, user will be able to connect them with their smart phone to use some features such as track data about current position, speed and some other data, analyze data and more however you need to know some features of bike computer with Bluetooth enabled just operate when you have cell phone reception therefore if you regularly cycling at area with no mobile signal or mobile signal is weak in this case, maybe it will not be a suitable choice for you.

Some products are not compatible with Bluetooth sensors however some products will be designed with compatible ability with both ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors.


Some bike computers will be designed with routable maps. This feature is really interesting and helpful if you regularly have to use bike to move or want to explore the new roads by bike. Some bike computers can be designed with feature to allow users downloading the detailed maps for the small areas with support of turn by turn direction or not depending on each specific bike computer.

Normally, the bike computers with routable maps will be more expensive than other bike computer but it is really useful to help people avoid getting lost as well as know about their current position while cycling. If you think that routable maps is not necessary and it is too waste then you can choose the bike computer without routable maps but it still has feature to allow user creating the routes prior with the support of turn by turn direction.

Although it is not good as using routable maps but it is still effective to help user avoid getting lost as well as save more money for other cycling electronics.