How to fix audio noise in car

There is a car perfect but every surface is difficult and not simple. Of course to do this is not easy if you are not a specialized arm of the cell interior wall to. The phenomenon of sound noise when driving cars is very common in the vast majority of vehicles. Inspite of grassing out large sums for investment in sub woofer speaker system, it still generates sound strange noise in the speakers. Sometimes rpm increase or decrease according to the machine. This article will illustate the reason why it happens and the solution how to thwart this problem to reach the best car speaker for sound quality to make the comfortable feeling when driving.

Choose the path for AV cord

AV cord itself transmit audio signal currents and low voltages (from 0.2V to 8V). The wires that power the devices on vehicles voltage level of about 12V to 14.5V. Current flow in the line is very large compared to the AV cord. When these two types of wire placed in close proximity, magnetic field generated by the power supply cable will directly impact on the current flowing in the AV cord. Pass interference when the amplifier will be amplified many times, it can clearly hear the speaker.

To avoid this interference sources, in engineering wiring for the sound system in the car, AV cord is always advised to stay away from power supply cable, power supply cable especially for the devices consume large line in the most remote amplifier can.

Replace wires AV type with anti-jamming capability

Noise in the car may be caused by the following main reasons:

The path of the AV cord is not good.

Interconnect (AV) of poor quality, there is no interference resistance.

Power supply is not clean.

Some reader (CD, DVD, …) have very weak cooling path.

exposed portion unmet source.

Similarly with insulated wire AV solutions above, while increasing anti-interference ability for LAN (ie against the penetration of the magnetic field into electric current alien inside wire AV) we can also minimize or kind This is kind of noisy abandon.

Attach the filter source

Even in the name of the generator on the vehicle: “Alternator” already shows itself on the vehicle power supply system is an alternating current generator, then straightening or filter into one-dimensional source to load and grade average for the entire electrical equipment of the vehicle. When the transmitter filter deterioration, the power supply on the bus is not purely one dimensional as its original, but add to that the AC component after escaping from bridge adapter or filter.

AC components will present more clearly as the sound system more amplifier and AV connections. Append source filter is to remove parasitic ac component of this, one way to get pure source.

Attach the filter to the cord AV signal from the reader to the Home Cinema

There are many reasons to suggest noise in AV line, which includes internal interferences (power, reader itself ) and external interference, caused by electrical components near the path of the wire AV. Attach the noise filters into serial AV wires can also be noise reduction.

The contact portion poor source

Pile source negative (-) of ac-qui per vehicle is connected directly to the car’s chassis. When attaching audio devices use power source (reader, amplifier, crossover proactive.), we often catch cord (-) on the floor, instead of wires to poles (-) of the average . This is normal.

However, if the contact point is not good, apart from the limited ability to work the equipment, sound joints can also give rise to unwanted interference.

Tips for you: When you encounter vehicle problems arising strange noise from the speakers, one or a combination of these measures will probably solve the problem.

However, in the resolution on a few of the purpose only cover or blurring go the trouble, but the real origins of the noise has not been fully resolved. For example, the built-in filter into AV line, as did “all drugs” and then resorting to new measures, as it may cause adverse effects to the original audio signal from the source . Any cause which leads to problems on the car sound interference is also unusual. And to solve the problem, need to find the source of the interference to eliminate the most effective new thing.