Some instruments for music

Reverb pedal or more precisely here we called effect pedal. It is the unit that used to effect changes the sound of the instrument. Effect Pedal, Pedal FX or would we know mouth called euphoria Department.

In this article we will talk about how to combine them in a reasonable manner to the sound as desired. The first rule that you need to understand about best reverb pedals 2016 if you want to get your own sound, you must try to combine them together to see what would happen, if the results are not as expected, do not be put off just try again in a different way. The second rule is that sometimes there is no rule at all.

The following article is general pedal arrangement basically order a reasonable way but sometimes you go against the basic principles that create sounds right for you, then that’s what often see. Pedal born to us to discover our workshops and creating new things. Therefore do not hesitate when you need to be creative.

There are many guitarists do not want to put their pedalboard tuner sets, this is not good because the sound they have, or anywhere you go anymore, but back then it was not wrong tune, or at all. Please use but capable Tuner true bypass so that when activated they do not affect your signal. As if they were true bypass you can always keep it turned on.

  • The important of reverb pedals

This is very important because in the musical instrument, if the device does not have true bypass the signal from your guitar will be changed gradually as it passes through the pedal. And imagine what if in a large Pedalboard that are not true bypass pedal, then the signal goes to the amp will go very much awry than you plug straight into the amp above. Of course, in a large market whether all are true the entire department, the bulk pedal tone you have been altered somewhat, but is still very much better than the absence of true bypass.


A form of the famous effect associated with the development of world music. Referring to this instrument cannot mention the company a leader in the invention and popularity worldwide that is VOX and Jim Dunlop. Many people like the way reverb pedal that changed their sound and influence the rearward pedal in the signal chain, that is why Wah or be put up first in Pedalboard. If you use combined in a fundamental way it, like Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz and then there is some way to change the order in the arrangement that you can try to see how to create sound with their preferences picked.

  • Compression

Followed by the compressor. Like some other pedals, we can do better at other locations for specific reasons, depending on the preferences of each person. However the experience of most famous guitarists in the world, should not be used when common compressor c in the signal path of the distortion or overdrive active as they will enable the small audio signals to create loss of control.

If placed before the pedal as distortion or overdrive creates space, it will be a major impact on language based overdrive makes you hard because you will lose the brightness of the sound in the climax while making your voice becomes too evil team in need softer passages.

It will create balance overall volume that the height is the same as the text to gently, but do not affect weight gain.

That’s why you try to see what suits you better. How safe is the most frequently used and reserved the power to gain as Distortion and Overdrive.

  • Overdrive / Gain

Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz & Boost are classified in this group. There are many questions about how to arrange the combination of pedal along in this group together to create such gain in same Pedalboard. Some users placing the pedal creates a slight gain ahead of the pedal creates heavier gain in later, but the best advice is to combine them together, so that they complement each other until they create a sound as you wish.