The history of kayak

You can zoom down a canyon with waterfall from the dust-covered white water on the surface. Alternatively, do not like, you can immerse yourself in the quiet, peaceful lake to watch the sunset. In addition, if you love thrills then surely you will enjoy the experience as passive airborne when surfing on the sea waves. Whether you have any preference, period is then kayaking always bring more choices for your activities.

Kayak choice for your favorite outdoor activities can be a wonderful suggestion for you. Which fishing kayak to have a good kayak for your trip around river?

  • The history of kayak

Kayak is a type of boat that Eskimos lived in cold northern lands. It used as a means of transportation on the lakes, rivers, creeks and sea for hunting. The name of Kayak in indigenous Eskimo means “the boats of the hunters” or “hunter’s boats.” That shows clearly personal nature and original purpose of this type of boat.

Most men are hand-made Eskimo, their own units based on body measurements of themselves, make the deck just fit, comfortable when you are operation with private owners make it… Depending on the item uses, kayaks today there are appropriate variations in the design to create “branches” such as Kayak: Sea Kayak, Whitewater Kayak, Kayak Fishing,

Kayaking activity has history and it develops in the world quite soon. Overcoming immense river rapids, both rugged cliffs, the white waves violently, Kayak radiate conquer the world. Currently, kayaking has become an official sport in the Olympic world. Attractiveness of Kayak is located in the adventurous nature. But before kayaking, you need to do some actions to avoid hurting from kayak.

  • Warm up

As with other sports, we need to start warm-up before playing to avoid being injury to joints, muscles can occur during exercise. For kayaking we often use more upper body should need to start engineering part wrists, arms, shoulders, hips. This does not mean we do not have the lower body to boot, we need to tighten the buttocks and legs and acceleration when needed, so it is generally warm up the heating when we should perform for the whole body. Today I will share with the kayaker a warm up that I think fit to everyone.

  • Some directions with kayak.

For an amateur when needed a crab, simple navigation we just paddled stronger in opposite directions to turn right? Really this only increases the speed while turning toward the little with paddle shift right technique that is just we need to adjust a bit technical at normal paddle forward, paddle technique called sweep forward.

This is a major rowing technique because it does not reduce the speed down and still help maintain the rowing rhythm.

Hold the paddle as usual. Place the paddle blade into the water far forward where you can easily reach, keep face in net paddle boat facing away. Keep on low hand.

Pull the paddle into a large arc starting from the nose towards the goal. When started rowing boat oars are pulled apart and the end of the shot, the body rowing boat oars were pulled tight. This is a technical difference for ordinary paddle forward was merely pull paddle lateral temple and pulling it close to the hull

  • What kinds of kayaks do you drive?

Kayak ancient only one seat (one person rowing). Kayak more modern development of this kind of 2-3 persons, called Tandem Kayak kind. This is my brother used to play ne SE Kayak, paddle an average sad and unfortunate mother whip saw the water no one supports climb, play both kinds of 2.3 people you talk to are tired, another photographic medium people support the water drops.

  • Selecting boat and oars?

Do you prefer to relax kayak recreation like sightseeing, fishing, you prefer a boat to travel far, or you are a sports enthusiast and want a kayak race? Some ways to classify Kayak below will help you do that.

  1. Recreational Kayak: This type is usually short and wide. Width between 64-76cm
  2. Kayak Tour: This type is usually longer and narrower with much more accommodating. Width about 56-64 cm
  3. Kayak Race: Long and narrow body. Width about 48-56 cm

Once you have your baby you should Kayak shop for suitable paddle is also a deciding factor for your trip.